Radical AI Network

Radical AI begins with a shared understanding that society distributes power unevenly — pushing People of Color, Black, Indigenous, Womxn, Queer, Poor, Disabled, and many other communities to the margins.
Growing from these roots, Radical AI examines how AI rearranges power and critically engages with the radical hope that our communities can dream up different human/AI systems that help put power back in the hands of the people.

Radical AI work is taking many forms, including

Analyzing and critiquing
human/AI systems
Creating human/AI systems
with radical potential
Building communities
to sustain and deepen
Radical AI work
and advocating for change

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If you are doing Radical AI work, you are part of the Radical AI project! If you would like to join the Radical AI Network — a community of self-identified Radical AI folks connecting, learning, and deepening our radical AI work — we organize ourselves in a Slack workspace. To join, email a little about yourself to the.radical.ai.network@gmail.com.