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The Radical AI Network

We are members of the Radical AI Network, a decentralized network of self-identified radical AI folks, learning and striving to expose how AI rearranges power and dream up and build human/AI systems by-and-for the people. We came together because we believe our capacity expands when we find intellectual kin, share visions and strategies, deepen our radical AI work together, and organize. The network connects through a Slack space. To request to join, email a little about yourself to the.radical.ai.network@gmail.com

We recognize that what we have written here — this digital artifact — is strengthened and limited by our own identities and experiences. The Radical AI Network was originally formed by researchers and research-adjacent folks who saw a clear thread from their experiences of marginalization and solidarity to their understanding of tech as marginalizing and perhaps having radical potential. Today, the Radical AI Network includes members with varying identities and privileges and varying degrees of power. Many of us are AI researchers, data scientists, and interdisciplinary and critical scholars; some of us are artists and community-builders. Many of us are affiliated with universities and companies, which often have oppressive histories and ongoing ties to mass surveillance. These are precisely the oppressive AI systems we seek to dismantle. We recognize our perspectives are always limited and changing. We recognize that the Radical AI Network, this digital artifact, and our understanding of radical AI are all incomplete and always evolving.

Last updated: summer 2020.

Get Involved

If you are doing Radical AI work, you are part of the Radical AI project! If you would like to join the Radical AI Network — a community of self-identified Radical AI folks connecting, learning, and deepening our radical AI work — we organize ourselves in a Slack workspace. To join, email a little about yourself to the.radical.ai.network@gmail.com.