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Radical AI work

There are many kinds of radical AI work. Here, we name 11 radical AI tactics and present works that develop or exemplify the tactics.

  1. Make visible how technoscience and data science shift power, historically and currently
  2. Make visible how AI shifts power currently and call for something else
  3. Adopt a critical technical practice: a technical practice that continuously reflects on, investigates, and exposes critiques of current AI
  4. Refuse and advocate against oppressive AI practices
  5. Advocate for impacted people to be the direct decision-makers
  6. Organize; datafied peoples, data laborers, tech labors, tech workers, and researchers can all organize themselves to collectively resist and challenge oppressive AI.
  7. Dream up liberatory relationships with AI
  8. Dream up and co-create technologies that equip people to resist, to escape, to investigate, to contest, to organize against, to influence, to dismantle, and to create AI anew; do so critically, responsibly, and with hope.
  9. Document the situatedness and subjectivity of AI work
  10. Open up power structures to subversion; instead of assimilating into powerful institutions, open them to create new possibilities

More radical AI work

Here we highlight more projects that inspire us; some were done by members of the Radical AI Network and many were done by others.



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If you are doing Radical AI work, you are part of the Radical AI project! If you would like to join the Radical AI Network — a community of self-identified Radical AI folks connecting, learning, and deepening our radical AI work — we organize ourselves in a Slack workspace. To join, email a little about yourself to the.radical.ai.network@gmail.com.